Go For It programme funding success

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

It has been a long winter with all these storms of late. So I’ve been Indoors writing Go For It programme funding applications , developing websites, marketing & working on a freelance work. I undertook a contract with Irish Sailing to deliver a team racing programme nationwide. The income from this helped me through the winter months. I also do a lot of coaching & training courses for RYA NI and different Yacht Clubs throughout the country.

Thankfully all has come to fruition and the hard work on evenings and weekends has paid off. Thanks to the Go For It Programme – Ards and North Down Borough Council I’ve managed to secure some start up funding to make it all viable. I started the programme last Summer and with business mentoring advice from Maeve Killingbeck at Ards Business Centre, I quickly put together a 3 year business plan and attended a number of workshops to develop the business. Workshops were tailored to the attendees needs and included marketing and finance modules.

By end March, I will be offering Stand Up Paddle boarding, Laser Tag, Archery, Mobile Climbing Wall and will have new Glamping Equipment. Now I just have to find somewhere to store it all!

The Summer can’t come quick enough for my new business – Strangford Lough Activity Centre. I’ve some exciting new activities & experiential events to offer which will hopefully set me apart from the competition. If you get a chance to browse through the website, please do. It’s homemade, but functional! If you see anything you like, please do let me know!

Our Logo

Strangford Lough Activity Centre

As a new business startup, branding is key to your identity and using it consistently and wisely helps to make you forefront in your customers mind. I am a Strangford Lough Native who grew up on it’s shores and spent most of my life on it, under it or around it. I believe it is one of the most scenic and beautiful parts of this amazing world that we live in.

I wanted a clear logo that was instantly identifiably, unique to the area and gave an idea of some of the products and services we offer. However translating that to an artist is not always an easy task. That is, unless the artist you choose, has spent a lot of time at sea in various locations throughout the world.

I tasked Hannah Dorman from Sea Snail Studios with the task of creating a logo. With a very limited spec of what I wanted, Hannah set to work sketching some possibilities. Within a week she had 4 potential options for me. Each of them offered what I had asked for; clean & clear, name in logo, adventurous with equilateral dimensions and vector format which is suitable for a range of media both on and offline.

I was delighted with what Hannah created. The logo managed to meet all of the above, but much more besides. The the face brought to life the Viking heritage of the area. The inclusion of the rolling drumlin islands offered a real ‘sense of place’. The Paddle denotes my key product – adventure without being too specific as there are many options available. The wave showcases the water sports.

I’m delighted to be able to support a local artist, but have to say that I’m extremely pleased with the outcome too. Hannah is well renowned for her art, stationary & giftware and now logo making. If you want to see more of her work, visit Sea Snail Studios.