E Foiling

E Foiling is the latest water sports craze to be sweeping the nation. Fly above the serene waters of Strangford Lough on an electric foiling surfboard.

Magic Carpet Ride

Fancy yourself as Disney’s Aladdin or Marvel’s Silver Surfer? Want to try the latest & coolest activity on the planet? Celebrities such as Geff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or big wave surfer Kai Lenny have tried E Foiling, so why not you? Now you can experience the lifestyle reserved for high end celebrities on Strangford Lough, County Down, Northern Ireland.

Whilst E Foiling lessons require no prior experience, some balance and water confidence is necessary to enjoy the experience to its fullest. E Foiling is an electric surfboard that flies about 80 cms above the water on a hydro foil wing. The E Foil is nearly silent, and uses an electric battery (no pollution) which allows you to enjoy this tranquil environment without imposing on it.

E Foil Lessons – Save 30% – £140pp (introductory rate until end March 2022)

This 2.5 hour  E Foil lesson takes you from Zero to Hero. After a short briefing, you will take to the water where you can learn how to use the controls, fly and carve.


Q. How Many people can participate?

A. We have 4 E Foil boards, so a maximum of 4 people at a time.

Q. Will I get wet?

A. Most likely. If you don’t, you’re not trying hard enough!

Q Why is it so Expensive?

A. We use premium E Foiling equipment using the latest technological advances to give you an exceptional experience, loner ride times and stability. All boards are hand made, masts and foils are made from carbon and the batteries are super expensive. Our prices are inline with industry standards. However, we are offering an introductory discounted rate (30% saving) to customers up until end March 2022.

Q. Do I need to be super agile?

A. Foiling can be learnt in a couple of hours with a small amount of balance and coordination.

Q. What Equipment do I Need?

A. We provide wetsuits, buoyancy aids, and tuition. Just bring some footwear, sun protection and a towel.


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