Get back to nature with our Bushcraft training school. Bushcraft is a form of wilderness survival skills which has gained popularity from the hit TV characters Ray Mears and Bear Gryllls.

Using the sacred order of survival, our experienced and knowledgeable instructors will ensure your stay in the wilderness is a comfortable learning experience.

Choose from a variety of skills sessions:

  • Shelter Building – Natural & man made
  • Firelighting – skills and types
  • Navigation – map and compass work
  • Rope Work – Knots, Whipping & Lashing –
  • Foraging – flora and fauna identification
  • Fishing – hobo and line fishing
  • Camouflage – The art of concealment
  • Backwoods Cooking – food preparation without utensils
  • Pioneering – Creating structures from ropes and spars

Combine our bushcraft skills with an island canoe trip and overnight stay in a bothy or wild camp on an island. Or alternatively combine it with one of our other Outdoor Activities

As the outdoors is our playground, we want to preserve it for future generations. We therefore practice the principals of ‘Leave No Trace’ and encourage participants to minimise their impact on the environment throughout. We also use our visits to leave the area better than we found it by collecting litter as we go.

Bushcraft sessions can be like in with the curriculum and are an ideal way of learning about nature in an environmentally friendly manner outside of the traditional classroom environment.

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