Sea Kayaking Tours

Sea Kayaking Tours

Sea Kayaking Tours can be half day, full day, overnight or multi day trips.  Bespoke itineraries are produced according to your ability, available time and what you want to see. Have a look at the range of Sea Kayaking Options.

Strangford Lough

Strangford Lough has more than 2,000 species of marine animals, making it one of Europe’s most diverse marine life resources. The Western part of the Lough is scattered with rolling Drumlins – islands that date back to the ice age. The dorns are home to a retired Irish Lights vessel that is now a cruising club and welcomes visitors. Mahee island hosts a 5th century monastic site and the oldest excavated tide mill anywhere in the world.

The North end of the lough becomes home to many wading birds including Brent Geese who make an arduous 3000 mile journey from the arctic circle to winter in the lough. Along with Cormorants, Shell Ducks, Terns and Ringed Plover.

The Southern end of the lough has some of the strongest tidal flows in Europe (up to 7 knots) which wash the marine nutrients to the vast array of species in the lough. The strong tides uncover elephant’s ear sponge, hydroids, sea-anemones, sea-squirts and soft corals. Dense forests of kelp seaweed also grow here. Castle ward on it’s shores is a national trust property with interesting architectural quirks, great walks and home to Winterfell the Starks family home in HBO series Game of Thrones. The lough is teaming with under water creatures including both common and grey seals, porpoise, pilot whales and even basking sharks have been spotted here. Strangford Lough has several islands available for wild camping, however the National Trust owned Salt Island bothy is a converted cottage providing basic shelter accommodation and camping facilities.

North Coast & Rathlin Island

Dramatic sea cliffs, rugged rock formations and majestic wildlife make the North Coast a special place to see from the Sea. Paddle into caves and through arches. If you’re lucky, you may even see marine life including dolphins, seals, basking sharks and even Orca’s. But also birds including fulmar’s gannets, puffins, kittiwakes, guillemots and cormorants.

Stay overnight by wild camping or reduce your load and stay in Port Moon Bothy.

Copeland Islands

Leaving from Donaghadee, you will paddle across a 2.5 mile stretch where strong tides create overfalls stirring up the sea. The copeland islands are a group of three small islands noted for their varied bird population. Including black guillemot, oyster catcher, herring gulls, eider and fulmar. An area of specific scientific interest, it plays host to a diverse range of habitats. The islands are owned by the National Trust and Mew island has an active lighthouse. Lighthouse Island had a lightouse that is now uninhabited and is used as a bird observatory.

Ballyhornan & Ardglass

Departing from Ballyhornan beach or Ardglass Harbour offers the opportunity to explore the cliffs, caves and islands of the east coast canoe trail.

Our Sea Kayaking tours are the best way to see the Northern Irish Coastline, explore caves, see wildlife and learn about the history of the area.

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